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On the 23rd January, we held our annual tea party for the community. This was to celebrate Inner Wheel Day which was on the 10th. We hosted over 70 ladies and gentlemen to a slap up tea of sandwiches and cake, together with a game of bingo , a raffle and a game of “guess what’s in the parcel”.

The Inner Wheel organisation was officially founded in January 1924 by Margarette Golding, a nurse, business woman and the wife of a Manchester Rotarian. who had met with 26 other wives in November 1923. The first meeting was held on 10 January 1924 when 27 ladies attended.


President Sandra delivered some Twiddlemuffs to Cholwell Nursing Home in Clutton made by some of our members. She is pictured here with Julie Tovey who is a Senior Nurse at the home and Jessica Jones of Stanton court. Cholwell were delighted to receive the Tiddlemuffs and would love to have some more.

For those of you that perhaps don’t know what Twiddle Muffs are- They are knitted muffs with items attached to keep dimentia patients’ hands active and busy. They contain strands of textured ribbons, beads, and various fabrics are attached both inside and outside. People with dimentia often have restless hands and like to have something to keep their hands occupied. (nhs- Oxford Univerity Hospitals)


20/20 Mission’s aim is to provide sustainable sanitaryware for girls and ladies and to ensure that the girls do not miss out on their education by having to be absent from school for a week whilst they have their periods. 20/20 Mission charity runs alongside SiaB and Water Survival Boxes who are based in Frome with Rotarian Tony Quinn as one of the directors.  Water Survival Boxes put the sanitary goods directly into the boxes which are then sent to disaster areas all over the world.  The sanitary ware for these boxes is made by a group of ladies based in Frome.

With the encouragement of President Sandra, our ladies decided to give a helping hand. After a bit of time taken up with actually getting started, we were soon on a role. It turned out to be an enjoyable morning with plenty of laughter and chat.