The Objects of Inner Wheel

Inner Wheel was founded in Manchester, England in 1924.

The objects of this service organisation are:

  • To promote true friendship
  • To encourage the ideals of personal service
  • To foster international understanding

To promote true friendship

Clubs meet regularly and have a full and varied programme through which friendships are built and maintained. Visiting other clubs and joining in their activities broadens the opportunity to make new friends.

To encourage the ideals of personal service

Inner Wheel clubs have an outstanding record of service to the community. Initially members provided goods, quite often homemade, to the poor of their communities. The ethos spread rapidly through the country and then abroad.

Inner Wheel has adapted to the needs of the country as society has changed. Some members still knit and clubs collect tons of useful goods for the needy but much is now sent abroad. In this country members support refuge centres for abused women, hostels for the dispossessed, child centres and drop-in centres, school breakfast clubs and much more.

All this is carried out in the spirit of friendship.

To foster international understanding

International Inner Wheel was formed in 1967 and the clubs have since spread to 103 countries with a 100,000 members worldwide, 15,500 of those of those being in Great Britain and Ireland.

Interested in joining us?

Why not send us a message through the ‘Contact’ page.

Inner Wheel is a female only organisation and does not admit men as members. In many countries where it is a male-dominated society, Inner Wheel and similar women’s organisations are the only way a woman can make her voice heard.

For many years membership of Inner Wheel was restricted to those with a family connection to Rotary but at the International Convention in Istanbul in 2012 it was agreed that membership should be opened to a wider range of women.

Membership may now be taken up, provided that you are over 18 years old.

Benefits of Membership

There are lots of reasons why women from across the globe choose to become part of International Inner Wheel. When you join the organisation, you’ll become part of a network of friendship embracing 103 countries. You’ll develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills and will become part of a community based on friendship, support and love. When new members join us, they never look back!