Inner Wheel Conference Cardiff 8 – 10 April

On Monday evening District 20 held a get together at Giovanni’s in Park Place, Cardiff. 90 members attended and enjoyed great Italian food amidst a wonderful atmosphere.

President Marjorie, Sandra and Secretary Linda awaiting their meal.

Just under 2,000 members attended the Inner Wheel Conference in Cardiff. The speakers were excellent. The Reverend Kate Bottley led the service and had us in tears of laughter! At the age of 19 Ed Pratt set off on his journey around the world on a unicycle. It took Ed 3½ years and along the way he raised £300,000 for the School in a Bag charity.

Inner Wheel Tote bags were filled with donations.

£7,900 raised at the morning Service was donated to Hope and Homes for Children. Rukhiya Budden, Global Ambassador for the charity, was delighted to receive the cheque.

Rukhiya told us the harrowing story of a 4 year old girl left outside an orphanage in India. The child lived in the orphanage until she was adopted at the age of 12 by which time she had suffered, cholera, typhoid and other serious illnesses as well as forcing herself not to eat to avoid the danger of growing up in the institution.

There was an audible gasp from the audience when Rukhiya told us that she was that little girl.


Luke Simons, pictured with Sandra Blair, Ed Pratt and Marjorie Robinson, will be running in the London Marathon on Sunday 28th April. Dressed in a specially made School in a Bag rucksack with matching tights, Luke is hoping to raise much needed funds for his charity.

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