Local woman collects ties to help poor in the Philippines


Photograph shows Club president Heather Curtis with Annie Sherborrne and just a couple of the ties from the large box of ties she has collected.

Local woman, Annie Sherborne of Chelwood, has been helping the poor in the Philippines by collecting ties, which are made into cushions and bags, then once again sold to raise funds. This is one of the charities which the Inner Wheel clubs help.

Linda Quinn of the Inner Wheel Club of Chelwood Bridge said : “We had been collecting items for the Purple Community fund for several years and Annie decided that she would like to help, collecting three large sacks of ring pulls.

These are sent to the Philippines and made into very attractive handbags which come back to this country to be sold.  The young children there did not go to school but spent their time collecting items from the rubbish tips which were sold to provide food for the family. Now when the bags are sold by the Purple Community Fund, the money goes back to provide schooling for the children. It also gives work to the parents, who make the bags, which in turn pays for food and clothing.

Another project was to collect men’s ties and once again Annie went into action around the Chew Valley and with the help of friends she has so far collected 1018 ties. Many have already been sent out by boat with other items. Moira and Denise at the Post Office in Chew Magna were a drop off point and Annie had lots of help from Karen, Lorraine, Heather and Edwina.

Not only did Annie collect the ties but took them home, washed and ironed them and packed them neatly in boxes. These ties are made into cushions and bags and once again will be sold to raise funds to help the poor in the Philippines,” said Mrs Quinn.   Annie was thanked for all her hard work at a recent Inner Wheel coffee morning and is determined to keep going although there cannot be too many ties left in the area.

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