Inner Wheel Tea Party

Inner Wheel club members celebrate Inner Wheel Day with a tea party for the senior citizens of the Chew Valley

The club celebrated its seventh Inner Wheel Day by hosting a tea party, with tea, sandwiches, cake, bingo , raffle and games for guests from around the Chew Valley at Pensford Village Hall. Club President, Mary Smith said : “Every year Inner Wheel clubs all over the world celebrate this day by doing different things. We at Chelwood Bridge like to do something within the community so we invited guests from around the Chew Valley to tea.”  Guests who required transport were chauffeured by members of the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge.

Inner Wheel Day is celebrated all over the world with January 10th as the anniversary of the day when Inner Wheel was first founded in 1924 by Margarette Golding, the founder President. The clubs try to celebrate this day as near to the anniversary date as they can. The name Inner Wheel was adopted on this day.

Photos show guests from the Chew Valley enjoying a tea party , which was put on for them by the Inner Wheel Club of Chelwood Bridge,.


First photo shows Inner Wheel club members take a photo opportunity as they prepare the food for afternoon tea. ( left to right) Marjorie Robinson, Heather Curtis, Di Farmer, Club president Mary Smith, Kaye Atkinson, Val Coles and Alma Smith





Second photo  shows some of the guests at the Inner Wheel tea party – left to right) Elizabeth Parker, May Selway, Janet Tomkin, Joan Godfrey, Heather Pool, Marian Tucker and Doreen Perry.

Ros Anstey

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