Chelwood Bridge Inner Wheel Celebrates it’s Fourth Year

 The Inner Wheel Club of Chelwood Bridge recently celebrated its fourth year of being chartered (when they were set up) at a special evening held at Cameley Lodge, near Temple Cloud.


Inner Wheel District Chairman Rita Joliffe was the club’s main guest, and members were joined by their husbands, and guests,  to celebrate its fourth year. Wizzy Bear was also a special guest and sat in pride of place at the welcoming table.

Wizzy Bear is promoting the Wizzybug special mobility cars for children who cannot get around any other way. The Wizzybug  has been developed and made in Bath by the Institute of Medical Engineering ( BIME) based at the RUH in Bath, and has been designed to resemble the toy cars which toddlers love.

All the Inner Wheel Clubs in District 20 are working together this year to raise sufficient money to purchase one or more WizzyBugs. This fundraising project, aptly called The Wheels Project, is for all Inner Wheel Clubs and Districts to fund ‘Wheels’ to help the disadvantaged, and has been adopted by the District chairman as a worthy cause for all 27 clubs in District 20.

After the dinner, an iDSCF8115 copynteresting presentation was given by Tim Hooper, who talked about his life as an extra for BBC, illustrating his talk with a collection of photographs, many of them featuring well known actors from screen and television.

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